Art & Libations

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   Art & Libations is the brainchild of owner and artist, Tiffany Acker.  After being talked into taking a typical "paint and sip" class, she chose to make it her mission to bring some life to art instruction in San Diego.  She believed there HAD to be a way to make these classes more fun, more creative, and more ummmm cool.  And she was right.  And so, Art & Libations was born.

   Based at various hip venues throughout the city, we are inspired by contemporary artists, tattoo artists, street artists, rock-n-roll, and the southern California culture.  "Art & Libations" seeks to put a little edge into the paint and get-your-buzz-on offerings in San Diego.

Our classes are open to anyone and everyone (21 and over, due to venue regulations)!  Our classes are aimed at helping beginners get their feet wet, as well as their canvas wet.  Experienced painters are welcome as well!  We believe that creativity is a priceless skill to hone, and that art is great therapy.  And hey, lets face it, we could all use a little therapy ;)